About us

A.P.S.C. Aviation Parts Solutions Center Ltd, is a privately-owned company located in Nicosia, Cyprus, formed by people with many years of experience in aviation industry.

In A.P.S.C. we do realize that the aviation industry is one that adheres to certain standards and rules. Time, reliability, efficiency, support is only few of the standards that our company makes sure to meet through our constant and daily improvement. To ensure this A.P.S.C. has been certified by ISO and our Quality Control department is working daily on this direction.

That is why A.P.S.C. primarily objective is customer's satisfaction. To accomplish this A.P.S.C. has already created business partnerships with major manufacturers both in Europe and in U.S.A. Moreover, with an approved network of Repair Stations in Europe and in United States A.P.S.C is able to provide repair solutions to its customer.

Last but not least, strategic partnerships with suppliers provide A.P.S.C. a wide range of products which can be offered to its customers. This has been achieved by consignment agreements creating a wide base of products that can be offered to A.P.S.C. customers.  This data base consists of consumables, retables, tools and ground support equipment.

All products can be offered on exchange basis (flat and standard) and on outright basis with all necessary documentation. A.P.S.C. Quality Control Department inspects every product prior to delivery to ensure each product’s quality condition.

A.P.S.C. is already supporting customers of which their fleet consists of vast array of aircraft types such as ATR42, ATR72, Airbus A320, Airbus A330, Boeing 737, Gulfstream G200 and it is ready to support your fleet as well.